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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
dunno exactly, but the three functions are simply missing in libnix(!?).

they do exists in the gcc6 toolchain by bebbo.
so here you can build it with: m68k-amigaos-g++.exe -noixemul hello.cpp
I haven't had free time to dig into this further but will look at bebbo's toolchain.

From my perspective it is a bit of a shame that AmiDevCpp isn't really configured to just link and compile out of the box. It would probably be a bit more attractive to newbie users trying to get started with writing programs for AROS, 3.9, etc.

In my case, there is no excuse really. I did have AmiDevCpp up and working fairly well once upon a time but I dropped out of the Ami scene for too long and am now trying to find my way again. If only I could find my notebooks that got packed away during the last move.
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