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History Line, installation not work, slow ai / cpu

Hi guys (and girls?),

i decide to play History Line. But from my HDD because switching between 7 disks makes not much fun. Even if you have 4 virtual disk drives. And the load times are also slow with disks.
So i read a little bit in the Documentation from FS-UAE and from the game and after a little bit trial & error i successfully "install" HL. I choose to Emulate an Amiga 1200 and use Workbench 3.1
But every time i wanna start the game i got an really strange Error Message.
CanĀ“t cancel HL2
c/assign failed returncode 20
I have no fucking idea what it means or how can i fix that.

And i have an other problem. The Time that CPU / AI needs to "think" about there turn is really long. In HL and Battle Isle. So how can "boost" that up? What kind of config i need?

OS: Win 7, 64 bit
FS UAE 2.6.2
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