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I simply use both a 4:3 CRT and a 16:9 panel, so I get the best of both worlds. Both monitors are connected to my Pentium 3 and the CRT is also connected to my A1200 using a KVM switch (and a VGA adapter), and a video box.

It's a great setup. I can use a nice dual view desktop under Winblows XPee, or I can use my CRT for the A1200 and still have one peecee desktop, watch TV on my video box, or use A1200 15Khz output through composite on said video box

While flat panels, even cheap ones, are nice enough (didn't expect cheap ones to be so nice), they still can't do everything a CRT can. Their sub pixels aren't thin enough, and far too tall to do different resolutions without up scaling (although technically 'pixel multiplying' is possible, but the panel has to support it, and it won't always be ideal), and frequencies may be a problem. While those things are still a problem, I'll stick to using a CRT as well as a panel.
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