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Originally Posted by LieutLaww View Post
Back in the mists of time when I was still young friends and I had seen about this new Amiga machine in the likes of C&VG etc and drooling commenced, one day while visiting my favourite computer shop I saw it The Amiga 500 Batman Pack, it called to me told me I wanted it and in a true Wayne's World moment It would be mine oh yes it would. There was just one glaring problem I was poor, even though i was working it wasn't really a very well paid job, after discussing this situation with the manager he told me about this concept of finance where I could buy now and pay later. So I filled all the forms in picked what I wanted and he said they would contact me if i was approved or not.

Not too long later the call came through to say I had the finance approved and could come pick my Amiga up anytime I wanted, so I said I would be down at the weekend to come get it (the shop I used was in a different town) so they days dragged on and in a fit of impatience convinced my dad to take me down that afternoon so I could go and get it. Off we went I signed the forms and there it was in my hands the Batman Pack, we got home I plugged it all in to the TV in the front room and fired up Batman oh the sounds that came out of that TV were amazing I had never heard anything like it and my love affair with the Amiga started there and then.
Ah finance.

Not a fan but I must confess, I later owned 2 mountain bikes, a large scalextric set, and a bedroom TV thanks to the magic of finance.

Remember the "mail order catalogs"? The actual "price" was 3x normal rrp lol, but I could have things NOW (...well actually they used to take a month to arrive)
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