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Originally Posted by MikeRichmond View Post
Great write up. I missed out on the Batman pack, I ended up with the Cartoon Classics A500 Plus instead, with the terrible Captain Planet game!
All great packs though.

My Nephew ended up with an A500+ Screen gems pack.

He lived with us for a while (Story I wont bore you with) so we had 2 Amiga's in the house. was a sad amiga story that one. The year my sister brought it, they picked it up from the shops, and left it on the back seat of the car under a jacket in a multistory car park, as they had to go to a performance of something in town.

You can guess what happend.

Window smashed. Amiga gone.

So they had to buy another one, as it was his Christmas present.

Thieves are scum.
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