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Great story. A lot of it mirrors my own journey to an Amiga back in 1990. It was too expensive to ask for as a Christmas present, so I saved and saved, but realistcally I wasn't getting very far. Long story short, a twist of fate saw me come in to some money. £400 exactly and no prizes for guessing where that went!

June I think it was, 1990 and the Amiga 500 Batpack was mine. The greatest of all the packs. Batman the Movie, Interceptor and Newzealand Story were/are amazing. Also in there was Deluxe Paint II, which I poured hours and hours in to. I'm now a graphic designer and put it all down to Deluxe Paint.

I still own that same Amiga 500 and it still works. I'd never sell it as it holds too many memories for me. I still have the main box, but the outer sleeve is long gone. Shame.

Congrats on getting an Amiga again.
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