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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
Did something regarding RDB HDFs change since 4.4.0b2 (last working for me) ?
I tried to run from command prompt using these parameters to figure out what's causing it to close immediately:
winuae64 -log -f classicwb.uae
In the log I see a bunch of these:
zfile: tried to free already closed filehandle!

Bootlog is the only file created, is there a way to force a full log ?
It probably crashes before winuaelog.txt gets created. Check the log window if it has more log lines than the log file.

zfile: tried to free already closed filehandle!
KS ver = 45 (0x2d)
Possibly related to KS ROM loading than HDF. HDF gets opened when emulation starts, not when config gets loaded.

Attach your config file.
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