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>Who bets cameltoe cannot even code? (I can write at least )

I can even if many more can code better. I only made patchs on the Amiga, I made the first patch to remove the border starting with AmigaOS 2.0. It was stuck on my harddrive for years until a friend of mine ask me to put it on Aminet (many more copied it with or without greetings). I made several one parts, 2 cracks (Fernandez must die, easy one and TVPaint). For TVpaint I ask the guy to do not spread it. Then many muzaks rips. I start a prog to modify Amiga screen modes until someone made Newmodes. I'm kind of lazy so I start many things and don't finish many. The latest project started on the Amiga was a port of SuperSprint...The only thing I made was to ressource the Atari version who was then reassembled on Atari to see if it run OK. The code produced was the same. I sent the source to 2 persons of this board but heard nothing back.
So I can code, but the best thing to do IMHO is to replicate Asmone/Pro interfarce and use external assembler so the code can be portable. It would be simpler. (again IMHO)

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