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Yes, things will get out of hand as soon as people throw generalisms and arguments from left right and center into the discussion. The topic title encourages that. I've urged twice before to get down to cases.

You too succumb to this. Global corporations who mushroomed from the availability of open-source components are irrelevant, and certainly Microsoft is. What they can do with their sources and what a single dev can do is completely different.

They're also bad examples; if you'd follow their lead, you'd use all the open-source software to write your own, make money off the product for a long time, and then release less than 10% of your own work as open-source, depending on whether there's still a chance of making money off it as closed source or not. That sounds more like the sensible commercial approach that most devs have. With the difference that it's far more likely to get a dev to release the source, if you just ask him.

You did get down to cases regarding Jim. Continue the discussion with him in a more productive and specific way than pointing to "because Linux and IOS" and maybe he will be convinced?

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