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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
I can't imagine why any real developer would just give away years worth of work for free. I would rather delete my source than turn it over to open source. Besides the potential lost revenue, some nut will change your code to do something that was not part of your plan for the direction of the product (I have seen this happen a few times already). Open source is great for non-commercial applications. The commercial developers should keep their code so that product's integrity remains.
So stuck in the old ways that it is painfull to read.

No open source would pretty much mean we would not have Internet. This very forum is based on open source software. The operating system running the server is open source. The network components between you and this site is mostly based on open source. And if you are reading this on an Apple device, then good greef - you are using a product being sold with and running open source.

As system engineer, closed source solutions are in general to be avoided, as interoperability is extremely important today - I happily pay multiple as much for open source products than for closed source products, simply because all experience tells me open source solutions are way more flexible in the long run. As a "customer" using open source, I can take over "ownership" of software I use, and if necessary hire resources to update the software for me. With closed source that is not an option. Closed source software with security issues? Tough luck. Closed source software lacking backend support for my choice of backend protocols? Tough luck. Closed source software not supporting IPv6? Forget it.
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