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Trick Or Treat Remake - Work in Progress

I'm currently working on yet another remake of an old Amiga game (I promise to finish one eventually, honest), this time the PD classic "Trick or Treat". I've been working on it for about 5 days so far (from scratch, natch), and you can see the current state of it here (you'll have to wait a few moments after it's loaded for all of the images to load):

It's written in Java (it's an applet, so you can play it at work and everything), and you *need* the latest Java VM to run it. This is available here:

Current state of the game:

- 3D raycasting engine written;
- All walls texturemapped;
- Fisheye correction on walls (missing in the original game);
- Two 320x200 resolution playfields running simultaneously;
- Collision detection written;
- Z-sorting working;
- Original wizard graphics ripped and inserted into game;
- Opponent wizard sprite visible at the correct location (but correctly rotated graphic not yet shown);
- New graphics drawn for the compass and lifebar;
- Compass working;
- All movement keys working for both players (including sidestep, missing from the original).

The controls are:

Player 1:
- Forward = cursor up
- Backward = cursor down
- Rotate left = cursor left
- Rotate right = cursor right
- Sidestep left = <
- Sidestep right = >

Player 2:
- Forward = R
- Backward = F
- Rotate left = D
- Rotate right = G
- Sidestep left = A
- Sidestep right = S

Things to do:
- Get more textures for walls (require 4 standard wall textures, one wall with a window, and one wall with a door);
- Collision detection between wizards;
- Doors;
- Guns;
- Powerups;
- Recreate original level layout;
- Lifebar;
- Make wizard sprites rotate to match the viewpoint of the players;
- Some presentation (options screens, etc, if I can work out how to get Java to do it - this is only my third Java program);
- Network option (again, if I can get Java to do it).

If you can, please test the game on your system - I'm particularly interested iin the performance of the game on older hardware, and any bugs you might find. I'm also looking for the textures outlined above; if you have any textures that you think might be useful, please let me know. Finally, if anyone has a map of the original game's playing area, it'd save me a lot of work.

In fact, any feedback at all would be great.
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