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Originally Posted by amigatv View Post
That's outdated. This was later:

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
This little bit of news below probably deserves its own thread but here it is anyway.

We have found a manufacturer to make the A1200 connectors!!! so the V1200 is all set!!!. (It is not in Germany)

More details later
... "More details later" is what I am asking now.

Edit: And we can never thank enough someone that makes this:

So far I have sent anywhere between 200-300 mails and made lot of phone calls with every person who had in his hands connector at least similar to what we need here. Searched over old newsgroups, tracked down people who owned Amiga shops 20 years ago, talked with every card edge manufacturer or reseller in the World. Even talked to Fujitsu directly.

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