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i must unfortunatelly agree with matthey on the big picture, even if he may err in details.

whatever support aeon has announced for the genuine amiga up till now, (not to talk of what has been actually delivered, since there wasnt much), it looks like either an advertisement attempt, failed attempt to bind the genuine amiga community to their proposals, or attempt to cash on minor upgrades, if its even worth to be called like that.

i actually hate to be blunt about it, but lets take a misleading advertising of prisma megamix as what the users would think of being a regular soundcard, and insisting on it. no wonder the project fails.

given that general tendency, i am most sceptical about any potential involvement of aeon or hyperion with amiga fpga projects. i am sorry to say, if it happened, we might certainly expect insensible design and business decisions, prices driven high, no communication on essential subjects, working behind the scenes forever and so on and so on.

hope the amiga fpga projects will steer clear of such prospects and remain autonomous, as they have been doing up till now, and in any case will seek solutions not to make themselves dependant on others, especially if something like this was attempted by any third party.
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