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Sprite colors all mixed up

Posted this on the AMOS forums but no reply so was thinking of giving it a shot here:


I'm currently reading the AMOS manual (I have a 2.0 Amos Pro) and so far couldn't find the answer to my problem. When I load up the sprite in Amos using the Sprite and Get Sprite Palette commands, the colors of the sprite are mixed up, they do not match the prefered ones in Object Editor. Same happens if I grab sprite images from an IFF file - in the Object Editor colors are fine but as soon as I load it in Amos, what was once say, a green sprite, it's now purple etc.

What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure if it matters, I'm running Amos on my real A1200 with an ACA1220 accelerator (hard disk install).
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