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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
Bad Ninjas has been recently released and it is freely available.
[ Show youtube player ]

Platform movement can now attempted with the Set parent trigger, it may work....

Also, V0.6.4 has been released with some improvements:

-Added support for song modules compressed in PowerPacker.
-Added Fade In and Fade Out action trigggers.
-Added On Fade Out condition to trigger something when fade is complete.
-Fixed a graphics glitch at the start of the games.
-Some fixes in scroll routines.
-Small changes that could make the game unstable.

Zener I have one question and I really seriously wish you consider this, please.

Since your project is in alpha stage changes and rewrite is still possible and easy. Why not make your RedPill a complete application in workbench using MUI interface and RTG support that when compile the game can use ECS/OCS/AGA as well as RTG version. But the editor much like BoulderDash editor in aminet is a full functioning workbench interface application with windows, menu, buttons, scrollbars, etc instead of trying to mimic SUCK or whatever is out there.

Please consider this! Please! This gives flexibility in a long shot. So picture this. In the MUI Windows interface the program can easily add more triggers fields such as text box, buttons, etc when you keep click on the button Add and if more is added and cannot fit in the windows screen a scroll bar will show up where you can scroll up or down.

This not only gives it a professional feel...but also gives you endless power to customize your editor into a full functional business application to write games for Amiga.

You can also compile RTG games without the need to program complex C/assembly code or learn programming language. The tool will also allow you to write action games, rpg, action rpg, adventure text game, etc. If you can manage to make it grow the way Game Maker or Engine001 grew on Windows you will save Amiga in ways no one in this community could ever save!!

New generation developers will be able to write finally new games that could bring the Amiga market back to life.
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