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Big congrats on reaching 100. As you said, hard to believe!

Very nice ep too - kind of scary we are heading for a download only future. That means they've got us by the balls - we become perfect consumers, using the latest then having to leave the last gen behind when they stop providing the downloads and severs to games we've previously bought.

No collecting or buying cheap off ebay and enjoying previous gen gaming machines. Shame, because I like handling hardware and actual games, but I guess it is more environmentally friendly too which is essential moving forward. I recently saw a pile of PS2 games thrown away into my local tip. The skip had about 60-70 games in it! So wasteful. Same for a lot of electrical equipment.

One thing he didn't mention in his vision, is I think we actually won't even download the game which then configures itself for different devices and platforms as he described. The games will simply run on servers and stream the gameplay imagery directly to standard ARM powered devices. That way, the graphics tech remains server side (always up to date, no cheating, complete control by companies) and the device is just a display and input tool for gaming. The tech already exists to do just that!!!!
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