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Early version of Sodom's stage.
Turrican3 has been helping with the graphics, I thought Sodom's stage would be a good one to get ripping with mame and was amazed at the speed he managed to do it, even ripping the crowd as a separate layer with only mame and greenshot. I think that since then he's been using kawaks - thankyou fishyfish.
Turrican3 also improved the details of animations for Haggar, who looks a lot more solid now.
Sodom's stage is atm a roughly hacked version of the previous wip, and inherited it's problems.
Focusing on just the 2 characters I was able to fix a particularly annoying bug that halted the progress. This also fixed the previous wip, which is now stable, however the bug seems to have re-surfaced in Sodom's stage. I think the thing to do here is port it back.

@boo boo
This would be one of the areas in which a greater customisation is available - we went for parallax scrolling but could have tried more colours.

The wip is almost ready for a playable demo. It would help me improve the mechanics if I can get a few people to play it and get some feedback.
There is some gameplay there, and the most roughly cut energy bar you've ever seen. Collisions are on and the enemy is pretty fierce, you can die very quickly. Bugs are still numerous, of course.
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