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Most people here like Edge. I don't mind it, I would like it more if it didn't break one certain obvious 'golden' rule.

Just one look at the mug-shot thread on this forum suggests that people who spend alot of time in front of computers aren't the best looking individuals ever to grace the Earth. Likewise, programmers, who spend even longer (I know!) in front of such devices are proportionally uglier. Why then does Edge think it needs to publish pictures of such individuals? It just looks sad.
Furthermore, why is there any need what so ever for paper based computer magazines? I know all the rubbish about a book being literally 'handier' then the .net but surely the ideal medium for a computer magazine is the internet. 'Digiworld', despite wanting to make me hurl the monitor through a window (I mean, what the @@@@ is going on?), relises this. It won't work, and in a years time someone will produce a flashy content free version full of pictures of programmers (pay extra to see the 'full spread') but at least they are trying.

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