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Amiga Action Replay MKIV (A1200-3000)

Hi here is LORD OLAF
i just want to tell you then even MKIV was finished with full 020-030 support it was never released as the time for AMiga was over
I looked on my PC to release to you the source so you can include it in WINAUE but its in my A3000 which is now in my trash room and I dont want to activate it again

real sad as MKIV was real kickass
improved hardware and full 1200-3000 support
hdd support (i dont know anymore if mkiii had hdd support)
lots of new features
from our testruns it worked to extreme well that mkIII looked crap vs it
but it turns out that AMIGA was finished so it was never released

when i feel strong enough to reactivate my a3000 again i will upload the full source and binary
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