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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
I tried another IK+ and it does indeed work well on NTSC so it is possible.

tried the one from this link:

Has Return of the Jedi and Driller on it too. It's the single filed version, also called "International Karate + (1988)(System 3).adf"
Well I just downloaded the ADF and checked it - exactly the same ik+ file I used for the patch...

Since I have no NTSC Amiga I tried to start it with WinUae in NTSC mode and it crashed showing a red image of the game background. Does it work on a real NTSC machine all the time? I can't believe it.
As far as I can test it here it behaves the same as the patched version. So if you have access to a single file-version that works on both machines please link it here.
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