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Saga in Zone

G'day all, I notice that the game I programmed "Saga: Age of Heroes" has been posted to the Zone. Did someone request this? I am flattered :-) I couldn't see a post specifically about it but since it was apparently there for HOL purposes I thought this was the place to post.

Anyway, just posting to say that I'm available for tech support etc. for this software, so if any bugs are found please report them. Apart from possible bug fixes (if any bugs are found) I'm not planning to do much more work on this one in the next few months at least. But I will listen to your suggestions for improvements and probably implement those early next year.

I should also point out that the current version is now 1.23, this is not a lot different from the 1.22 that was posted but fixes a few translation bugs (which would be of interest only to German-speakers) and adds several mouse shortcuts for keyboard operations. I suggest that if you are going to add Saga to some kind of archive that you use 1.23 if possible. Thanks for your interest in the game.
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