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Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
+1 here
Despite my earlier post in this thread, I have this sentiment about emulators too.

That my idea of pluggable video drivers for WinUAE is very, very overkill, not to say its very hard to do. But if someday WinUAE use a portable graphics library like many emulators are being converted to, WinUAE will need a builtin GUI, themeable or not. Its the best way to keep WinUAE small, fast and not dependent of other thirdy-part libraries.

WinUAE already has the best interface of all emulators around there. The GUI of big emulators like Virtual PC and Virtual Box are much weaker than the GUI olf WinUAE and not to say the set of features too!

I see emulators like little computers that works like "magic" inside another computer. Which looks and behaves like a more strong computer. A bit like portable computers. At least this is the way I like they look and feel, I dont know you.

One thing I see even in some simple interfaces of other emulators, and that I feel lack in WinUAE, is a menu bar and a toolbar for the main window, integrated in WinUAE as shortcuts to the configuration window.

For example to quickly change configurations, floppies, speaker volume, mouse and joysticks, make screenshots, copy and paste text, and not less important pause and resume the emulation. In a sense, everything that can be done directly on the chassis of a real AMIGA.

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