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I think would be interesting to implement the entire WinUAE in some kind of portable graphics library (like SDL) and then implement a GUI in SDL but with skinning support, a bit like emulators as ScummVM, Stella, ATARI 800 and VICE does.

This should make a more portable WinUAE and this is good for EUAE, PUAE, everybody; also should provide possibly a skinnable GUI; and it could use the WinUAE graphics engine to draw the GUIs, what should reuse the existing WinUAE existing code base. Interfaces for console and SDL could be implemented as a WinUAE plugin and loaded dinamically. The user could choose the better GUI for your needs; skinnable or not skinnable; slow and bloated or fast GUIs.

A GUI for WinUAE would be an interesting thing to implement, at least by the words of Bill Gates.

Interesting also, is to show all configurations on the main panel as icons, a bit like Virtual PC does. The icons could be logos of products, pictures of coverdisks, etc, each for the type of program that configuration is supposed to run.

Another thing I thought, is to provide a special file selector that show adfs with costumizable icons, a bit like Gnome and KDE does on X-Window or even like Workbench does with .INFO files. ADFs could then look like workbench disks, pictures of coverdisks, each for the type of file that image is supposed to store.

But all this is a lot of work and I do not forget that Toni is pratically alone on his odissey for the perfect WinUAE.

But I think everybody approves his modifications to the "UAE machine".

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