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I was in the same decision conflict some days ago.

I would say, it depends what you are going to do with the A1200. If you think you might need to use Apps, and need to work much with the workbench, I would go for 3.9
But, I guess you might have another computer for such tasks..

So if you plan to use it as a game machine, to start games with WHDLoad and occasionally some paint program or office proggy I'd say install 3.1

A further pro with this solution, it boots up in mere 5 seconds, from the moment I turn the switch to the fully loaded WB!
But I have a CF-card instead of an hard drive.

You could also try
Takes something under 7 seconds for the 3.1 version and 14 for v3.9.

As a further advice, I could not tell any difference between FFS and SFS on a CF-card

greetings :-)
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