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Yeah, is the awkward bit about the Acorn is stuff still being for sale.

The way I see it though is that the ipf's dont cause a problem as you only send them back to the owner of the original disks.

With regards to the rest that gets catalogued here naturally the people that have it have the originals and their copies were only done so that there originals werent worn out and didnt get high scores saved to them etc. And any patches written will only be able to be applied to original software (for instance NoDisc on the Acorn could only be used to bypass copy protection on 4d Games if the keydisc was present when NoDisc was used).

Its that straight forward!!!

With regards to the Amiga spec for imaging, I know very little about the
Amiga, but I think a friend of mine may still have his A500 with 0.5mb upgrade. What sort of spec would I need for imaging for SPS with the Amiga!? Just thinking I might get one anyway to play some of the classic games I remember playing on them as a kid!!
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