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i really dont want to get into the politics again, i disagree with alex but obviously i respect his opinion. oh and i am biased.

so getting factual about SPS/archimedes.....

* we've had a lot of archie titles dumped, may of them from that list.

* archie disks will be supported with the 'generic mfm' version of the library, which is still being worked on, right now in factm despite lack of website updates (some things needed to be rewritten, which is causing a lack of 'forward' progress sometimes' with regards to getting closer to release)

* Tom has expressed interest in adding IPF support to arculator when we're ready, he will be given the developer API and any assistence needed to get this done.

*the archie disks were dumped using the normal amiga setup with the standard dump tools, no changes, no extra hardware.

*when cyclone 20 is released, you'll be able to use that to dump raw images to simbit to us instead of using an amiga.

*i have an A3010, with HDD too, and cant remember how much ram, 2mb i think

in case anyone is interested, alongside archie support and emu implemtation, we also have in the works working ST IPF, Speccy IPF, Amstrad CPC IPF & Sam Coupe IPF, we have already test files working on test emulators internally here. so when we go live with this, it will be well supported from the go.

and of course, we are very interested in getting any more dumps of archie games wherever possible. not all the dumps we have are good, some are modified with high scores etc.

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