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Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post

I'm surprised you got the second partition >2GB to be reliable as i thought each partition had a max of 2GB with 4GB total under OS3.1 with FFS

Sorry, that was wrong info --- I actually partitioned them like this, changed my mind in the last minute:

1st: 250 MB (System)
2st: 1900 MB (Games)
3st: 1600 MB (Demos)

Those are rough values, can't remember the exact ones, but anyway they are all under 2GB.

I read somewhere that the 2GB limit is only for when the CF card is connected to a PC for transfering files on it. (Sounds like a PC DOS FAT16 limit to me, I have no clue what FAT16 has anything to do with all this though...)

And I haven't even tested it very thoroughly yet, but all partitions seem to work fine and the few games I tried worked brilliantly.

Is there any speed / size (block size?) advantage to using something else than FFS?

The next thing to do is to connect an A600 keyboard to this A1200 ... but that's a totally different (and very hairy) project
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