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Got the C= spark again :)
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OK Thomas and HH, thanks.

The format worked and now I'm partitioning the drive in WB 3.1 HDToolBox.

I'm making a 250MB boot partition, and setting the rest (around 3.7 GB) for data (=games). AFAIK, there is no 2GB limit on the Amiga side (only a 4GB limit)?

Now, about the MaxTransfer value ... I've read the following: 0x1fe0, 0x1fe00, 0x1fe000, 0x1fe0000 (among others, but the ones with "1fe" are the most common on the forum). What is the correct value?

The mask is set as 0x7ffffffe (that's six times " f " in there) as default, is this ok?

I'm setting them as "Standard File System", with:

"Fast File System" checked ON
"International Mode" checked ON
"Directory Cache" set to OFF

with a block size of 512.

Finally, the partitions are named as DH0 and DH1 (I guess the ClassicWB installer needs the first partition be named as DH0 to succeed).

Phew, this is a lot of parameters to get right
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