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Format a CF card on A1200 HDToolBox ?

I've been installing ClassicWB onto my 4GB CF card, which I'm going to use with the IDE adapter I have.

So far, so good: the is made in WinUAE.

The problem is that I cannot format my 4GB CF card with my A1200. HDToolBox (from the WB 3.1 disk) sees the drive like this:

Interface = SCSI
Address = 0
LUN = 0
Status = Unknown

When I click "Change drive type", the default values are set as around 20MB.

If I click "Define new..." and from there "Read Configuration", it reads the CF card and says: "Unit is not a disk (7)!".

The values are changed to these:

Cylinders: 7964
Heads: 16
Blocks per track: 63
Blocks per cylinder: 1008

But the size is set to: -180952K (-176 Meg)

What's wrong?

Is it even possible to prepare the HD (CF card) like this, or should I try using WinUAE instead?

I'm sorry for the noob question but I've been reading these (keyword: ide, cf, compactflash, format, prepare) threads for hours now and can't really make head or tail of it all. Getting very confused and also frustrated (which is very unlike me...)

There must be something I have overlooked I guess?

I'm very grateful for any help!
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