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With the great help from Zetr0, this bootdisk startup-sequence seems to work:

C:SetPatch >NIL:
C:Version >NIL:
C:AddBuffers >NIL: DF0: 25
C:Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:
C:Assign >NIL: T: RAM:
mount CF0:
Assign >NIL: SYS: cf0:WBench
Assign >NIL: c: SYS:c/
Assign >NIL: libs: SYS:libs/
Assign >NIL: l: SYS:l/
Assign >NIL: devs: SYS:devs/
Assign >NIL: utilities: SYS:utilities/
Assign >NIL: REXX: S:
Assign >NIL: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printers
Assign >NIL: KEYMAPS: DEVS:Keymaps
Assign >NIL: LOCALE: SYS:Locale
Assign >NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD
Assign S: CF0:Wbench/S
Execute CF0:Wbench/S/Startup-sequence


This HDF mounting sounds very interesting, i'm looking forward to see this stuff working on my PCMCIA card. Maybe you can do a nice CWB setup for us.
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