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I've just updated to the current dev version of FS-UAE and ran into a strange problem:

It seems that the current developer versions (2.9.9dev onward) break the windows driver of the "Speedlink Competition Pro" Joystick (SL-650212).

Before the update to 2.9.9dev, the joystick was correctly recognized and listed as "SPEEDLINK COMPETITION PRO" and worked as intended in FS-UAE 2.9.8dev2, RetroArch and Mame.

Right after updating to FS-UAE 2.9.9dev and starting "Launcher.exe", Windows immediately installs a new driver for the joystick. Now the joystick is incorrectly listed as "Game Controller for Android" -> Basically a generic 8-Button gamepad. As a result, every (!) custom controller-config (including RetroArch and Mame) becomes useless and isn't working anymore.

Are there any changes or new things introduced in 2.9.9dev, that might be causing this problem?

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