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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
the caps on my main A1200 seem dry and ok.
However, the battery on the 030 is indeed long dead - its not leaking as far as I can see but needs changing.
NOOB alert - how do I change it lol!! And do I need an exact replacement.
It seems to have a plastic surround and i cant seem to slide it out as there is a processor in the way (FPU???)
thanks for your time and help!!!
Hi Steve,

To be honest even if the caps seem fine, if you know they have never been changed, I'd factor in plans to get them done at some point soon anyway. Commodore used cheap parts (no one expected us to be using these machines 20+ years later!), and ideally you want them swapped for quality parts before they leak - as that way you avoid any damage.

The battery on the Blizzard is soldered in place, however it's not prone to leaking so you don't have to worry about that. Its likely to be either a VL2020 (rechargeable) or a CR2032 variant (non-rechargeable). It would be worth checking which it is, and getting that swapped by someone handy with a soldering iron.

[edit] Your pictures show it's a VL2020 - BMW used these in their car keyfobs so they are pretty easy to get hold of

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