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Well, it just comes down to personal preferences. To me UAE (I don't run Windows) is a very useful tool. I can use it to write code in a computer that doesn't need rebooting each time my code crashes and that doesn't corrupt my harddisk while crashing. Once the code does what I expect it to do, I can test the program on the real Amiga and see whether it does the same as in UAE. Very comfortable and probably the way most people write code for Amiga these days.

However, I just don't want to use UAE for anything else. It just doesn't feel Amiga to me other than showing the horrible limitations of 30 years old software. It doesn't smell like an Amiga, it doesn't look like an Amiga, it doesn't behave like an Amiga, it doesn't click like an Amiga, it doesn't feel like an Amiga when typing etc. etc.

I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying that UAE just doesn't meet my personal preferences.
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