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This year was great for Amiga community and my beloved CD32

- i bought TF328 extension card that is transform this console to the best home system game !
- i support programmer Richard Löwenstein for his fabulous upcoming release "reshoot-r"
- i bought Worthy, who look like a commercial game from the 80's , love it !
- Road Avenger ! stunning surprise from Earok, thanks !
- Amiga CD32 Scene magazine from Amigajay, a brillant back in time made with 100% passion !
- Amigajay for his huge work for made greats compilations games !
- i discovered new podcast from AmigaBill and it's great and cheerfull , also 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast from dug , such interesting hardware podcast. And Amigarama to !
- i succeed to convert video to Amiga ham 8 in a single command !
- converted mp3 to riff wave to listen pop music on theCD32 with hippoplayer

And 2019 looking great with games and new hardware comings


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