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CRG - Casual Retro Gamer youtube channel

Well I've gone and done it, something I've been toying with for quite a while now I took the plunge last week and finally uploaded my first youtube video on Saturday past.

So my channel "Casual Retro Gamer" is going to take a not so serious look at retro gaming, rather than a lot of channels at the minute that go to the Nth detail I will just be looking at retro games for what they are. Game reviews will be done in a lets play style plus I am intending to do pick up video, basic hardware tear downs and maybe a series showing the build of the man cave.

My first video looks at that time the Amiga tried its hand at a mode 7 style racer with Xtreme Racing.

My next video will also look at an Amiga game and will be uploaded on Wednesday this week (15th August)

I'm only starting out with this and I'll be the first to admit I'm not that good but with time I hope to get better. The video quality will also improve with time once I get my man cave built and can get my big PC setup again.

I would be most grateful for any comments, suggestions or criticisms.

Feel free to check out my channel at the following link

EDIT: I've changed the title of this thread, hopefully that is ok, to mirror a change to the youtube channel. I've changed things up with mid week CRG Plays episodes when I play through a game of choice then at the weekends its hardware discussion, repairs, mods.

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