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>Under a license, by individuals who pretty much volunteered to do it, and who may or may not have had contracts that also gave them the copyrights to whatever software they wrote, including Reaction classes, as their contract with H&P expired.

The work was done in-house by salaried H&P employees. It's not normally the case that an employee be granted separate rights over the software in such a situation.

Even if the rights to those classes were owned by someone other than H&P, there is nothing to stop Cloanto using the money they have made from selling old ROMs etc. to license those rights. Just greed I suspect.

>Whereas Cloanto actually do care about copyrights and licensing issues

It doesn't appear so, eg. see

>I suppose the patents you are talking about are the MP3 patents? Yes, they expired, one after the other, till "years ago", in April of 2017, mp3 was at last patent free.

The GIF/LZW patent(s) also expired years ago.

>What allegations?

They keep talking about "legal challenges" to OS3.9, when the fact is that there have been no court cases and the statute of limitations for any such cases that could have been brought has long expired.
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