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Yep, Amiga Forever 2017 (7) still installs a non working kxlight. However I solved it and it is a very easy fix, I even emailed Cloanto the solution which would take them no time to fix, but I wouldn't hold my breath on them doing anything about it!
The problem is in the e-uaerc file which is the configuration file for e-uae, it is looking for a ROM file that doesn't exist so when it tries to boot it just bombs out.
The solution is to install it as usual but before booting it use a live distro like puppy linux and boot that, mount the kxlight drive or install partition, open the home folder and press Ctrl + H to display all files then open the .e-uaerc file in a text editor. Scroll down the file to the line that lists the ROM and change it to one of the ROM's in the ROM folder. Now save the file and reboot and it is good to go.
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