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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
If I have time maybe do a little more of the test!
Otherwise, I have always regarded this excellent emulator for users with lower PC configurations. (I would like to keep it that way in the future.)
Ok, I have quick tested a new version... used config was = A500 (with A501 expansion) + OCS + KS1.3

what I have 1st noticed: no support for zip archive and/or exe file, no support for VSync!

some quick demos test:
Escape&Outlaws-PartyReport.adf ... (glitches)
Silents-MaximumVelocity.adf ... (same problem WinUAE had before 2.7.0.version I guess)

some quick games test:
Jim Power - Mutant Planet (1992)(Loriciel)[cr FLT][t +1 Traitors](Disk 1 of 2).adf ... (title screen glitches, also in game got glictched background but it works)
No Second Prize (1990)(Thalion).adf ... (small glitches in some of menu background, in gameplay seems ok)

Well, a long time ago when I last worked on this emulator so I maybe spoiled on what WinUAE offers today!

I'm not sure whether WinUAE would be same or more compatible with switched off "cycle-exact"!?
So, generally opinion = not bad at all for very low CPU usage.
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