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Originally Posted by spudje View Post
CD32 comes with a build in CD player if you insert an audio CD. I would assume WinUAE with correct config also emulates this functionality.
Thanks spudje but I want to figure out how to control the CD audio playback from within a game like Daedalus assumed below.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I think he's looking to control the CD from his own Blitz Basic program. I'm afraid I don't really know how to do it - I tried a number of different ways of doing it on my A1200 here but never made it work with the Blitz libraries. It should be perfectly possible to do it "manually" though, by building your own SCSI requests and sending them to cd.device. But that was too much effort for me so I never got that far.
Ok thanks, that's unfortunate. I guess I will have to look into sending requests to cd.device then...

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