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Toni Wilen
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r3 update:

- Force Direct SCSI if device driver is scsi.device, all scsi.device variants support it and at least CDTV scsi.device (and probably older A590/A2091 ROMs too) don't return error when calling unsupported functions, causing TD64 misdetection.
- Fixed bug in SCSI direct code, it never set io_Length in SCSI direct mode. TD64 check sets it to larger than required value (block size) but nothing sets it if TD64 is disabled.
- Always disable TD64 capability test under KS 1.3.

Filesystem is now fully compatible with CDTV SCSI adapter and A590/A2091 pre-7.0 ROMs (if some of them have same bug as CDTV scsi.device), also bypasses 1G drive size limit.
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