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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Sorry, the recorded development history (RCS files, etc.) of the FFS, as implemented by Steve Beats, does not go any further back in time than version 34.3 (no version string, and no proper date stamp on the files, so I guess this might have been a 1987 or 1988 release). That version assumes a minimum block size of 512 bytes, there's even the telltale 'moveq #9,d1' for translating byte into block offsets (like trackdisk.device, hddisk.device, etc. prefer it).

It's possible, but I somewhat doubt that a 256 byte option escaped from the lab
It's possible that I mis-remembered of course. But I seem to remember reading a changelog for FFS (would that be on one of the developer CDs?) mentioning removal of support for 256-byte blocks.

If it was ever supported, it was probably first possible with some post-1.3 FFS. Looking at the code here, v36.35 doesn't have the MOVEQ #9,D1 and LSR sequence, whereas
34.85 (WB 1.3) and 36.03 (WB 1.3.3) both do.

I'll try testing various FFS versions in WinUAE to see whether I'm wrong about that. Update: At least FFS 36.104 does support 256-byte filesystem block size! I'll upload WinUAE config and sample HDF in a separate thread.

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