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Hello, and sorry for the late reply.

Ross is absolutely correct, I never suggested for the whole game to be redone, as I said, the problem is the frame skipping. When there's a lot of stuff going on, you could get hit by bullets because so many frames were skipped. I rather have a slow down than that.

So switching it off would be a great temporary solution, yes please Ross do it! I tried in winUAE and you are correct, "immediate blits" makes the game silky smooth perfect!

Another idea: the main problem happens when your dragon has its firepower maxed out. Maybe it can be fixed so maxing out doesn't create as many objects? I really don't know what they were thinking when they made this.

For the time being slowdown is better than frames skipped.

Originally Posted by haynor666 View Post
I know it not the best answer but why don't You try arcade version?
That's not an answer at all. I am playing in my Amiga, not an emulator
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