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Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
It looks like this game skips a lot of frames when the screen gets busy no matter how fast the Amiga I run the game on is.

Can anyone fix the whdload install to remove this frame skipping? It’s the only thing dragging down this otherwise great conversion. You can loose just by shooting when you have a lot of power ups because the screen rate skips so much you end up nailed by a bullet.

Only way to fix it would be to recode every single blitter routine to use the processor if a 030+ is detected.

The game heavily relies on the blitter to redraw everything, and it would be no trivial task to recode all those routines.

It would probably be quicker to take the Atari ST version and use that as the base version as that only uses the processor for its redrawing, but I gather its not as good looking as the Amiga version.
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