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Auto-Mouse to 400 DPI mode

Hi Toni. I just thought I'd offer this up in long form and away from the normal suggestions, as it would require more hardware info.

The Problem:
My 1600/2000 dpi mouse wont play mouse driven games at the right speed to the Amiga, especially on games which have a locked mouse sensitivity - which means the user must go into the Game Ports tab and twiddle with the settings and guess at the right speed for their mouse.

The Solution:
(Semi) Auto mouse calibration, which gives the output option of either 200 dpi mode (the old style ball mouse) or 400 dpi (which is the speed of 1990s mice which are still sold today).

Here are some figures I came up with, in order to help understand the problem, and why people are having to guess at the right sensitivity for their mouse.

old Amiga Standard Mouse = 200dpi
1990s Mouse = 800dpi * 0.3 (30%) = 240dpi
2000s Mouse = 1200dpi *0.2 (20%) = 240dpi
2010 Hi DPI = 1600dpi * 0.15 (15%) = 240dpi
2015 Super = 2000dpi * 0.1 (10%) = 200dpi

90s+ Amiga High Speed Mice = 400dpi
1990s Mouse = 800dpi * 0.5 (50%) = 400dpi
2000s Mouse = 1200dpi *0.35 (35%) = 420dpi
2010 Hi DPI = 1600dpi * 0.25 (25%) = 400dpi
2015 Super = 2000dpi * 0.2 (20%) = 400dpi

What I would love would be a button which says calibrate, and then I drag my mouse pointer left and right until the machine is happy with the dpi of my mouse and mouse mat combo (the dpi of the mouse may be lower than the printed maximum on the box, with an old mat). The program would then list two options, 200 dpi or 400 dpi mode, having worked out the perfect sensitivity for my mouse. 4000 dpi mouse and future mega mice would be future proof. If the software detects a 400 dpi mouse it wont change anything, and for a 200 dpi mouse detected the 400 dpi option would be ghosted. A sample calibration could be done during the installation process of UAE, and this would be used for the Quickstart mode.

I think this would really help balance out the issues with various hardware, and the manual sensitivity will always be there in case you want to change it. I think this would give everyone a level playing field, and would hopefully save some of the guesswork for an "Amiga Perfect" setup. Needless to say, we are playing Amegas in the EAB Competition right now, and this game definitely requires mouse sensitivity changes, and this would mean that all players are equal.

Thanks for considering this.
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