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Originally Posted by aeberbach View Post
RPT-60B is what I have used in multiple supplies, internal in the A1200 and to replace the old C= model inside the brick for the other machines. What you've done looks very neat - even used proper plugs! I just used the pins without housings, heat shrinking each one and plugging each wire individually.

I have never used load resistors. There has always been plenty of load from the Amiga to get it started - perhaps not much of a concern when powering electronics from the 80s more so today's micro-current parts.
Thanks. Using the connectors was a no-brainer for me as Digit-Key had them in stock when i ordered the PSU and they were really cheap. I also like the fact i can disassemble it quickly and easily if i need to swap out the PSU for any reason.

My first test on the Amiga caused no issues, booted of my external Gotek ok, and the internal Floppy. haven't tried daisy-chaining my other external drive. I'll do that next.
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