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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
You have a different issue. As his was getting stuck after starting to boot OS4.1. Yours is getting stuck as soon as its loaded the OS4.1 ROM Modules and Kernel.

Silly question, as I get stuck on pink screen sometimes. Have you done a soft reset?
This tends to solve the issue for me.
apologise, had so many tabs open I did end up posting in the wrong one :/

I have done many hard and soft resets from within winUAE. Or are you referring to a different method?

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yes, it is different. UAE Boot ROM is enabled. You have some UAE expansion enabled. All of them MUST be disabled. (hardfile, directory harddrive, uaeserial, bsdsocket, uaenet etc..)
Thanks as well for the quick feedback!

I am not sure how to proceed with disabling all the expansions, as all the guides do mention the use of a hardfile for instance.

does that mean I can't use the PIV graphic card either? I don't understand why all this seems to work for everyone else, but just a few of us are stuck in this pink bootscreen.

Will try disabling all expansions and try it like that.

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