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CWB install problems and questions

I have a 4GB CF and I made 2- 1.6GB partitionts on my 4000T with HDTools and then quick formatted them. Easy peezy.

Next I went to my WinUAE and first I downloaded CWB ADVSP. I thought this would work on my 040 4000T. When I installed ADVSP, during the install I got a bunch of messages "device not open for input" is this normal or do I have a problem? After the install completed I copied the contents of the system folder to my CF system folder. For the 4000T I also copied from the WB floppy workbench.library to the LIB folder. So I took my CF to my 4000T and booted and was greeted with the message "SCALOS: Cant find object workbench.library 39.x?" so I said ok maybe my file didnt copy from my floppy. So I took the CF back to WinUAE and copied workbench.library again to the LIB forlder on my CF, Back to the 4000T and same error, SCALOS: cant find workbench.library?

So when that did not work I downloaded CWB full. During the install of CWB full I also got the device not open for input messages and completed the install. Took my CF back to my 4000T and booted in glorious CWB color (for those not in US Colour )

Is the cant open for input normal or am I doing something wrong?
Any idea why ADVSP wont work?


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