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Autostarting WHDLoad with org. game floppies

Posted this on Amibay the other day, but seeing as the coders make their home here, this is probably the better place for it

This is what I'm pondering:

I like having and using my original disks, but a great many games have AGA fixed, 2nd joystick button support, faster and way more convenient loading, etc. in their WHDLoad slaves.

So I'm thinking of a program to detect what disk is inserted and run the corresponding WHDload installed version. Could an application match specific unique tracks and identify the game? The disk would obviously have to be pre-scanned and manually matched to the correct game.

I would get the best of both worlds, both having the nostalgia of actually inserting the game disk - using my original disks (while minimizing the wear and tear), but also getting the "enhanced" WHDLoad version.

Daft? Neat? Possible? Already available?
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