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Minor visual tweaks

Just a couple of minor visual tweaks I'd love to see in WinUAE

1) A way to set OSD to only come up in Full Screen mode. In window mode the OSD isn't necessary as all the information is in the status bar. But, I like having that information available most of the time.

2) Segregating Windowed & Full Screen mode in Filters would also be nice. Windows likes to do funny things when you open displays with different settings than its Desktop. So I set Full Screen mode to match (1366 x 768 x 32.) In Filters, I set Aspect Ratio Correction to 16:9 to keep Workbench from then stretching out horizontally (it looks weird.) This forces me to either be constantly changing Aspect Correction, or to set my window size to the same Aspect Ratio. Would be nice if I could set Window mode differently from Full Screen mode.

3) A final feature I'd sort of like. The ability to have the OSD placed differently. So, instead of across the bottom, maybe down the left or right side (which is just empty space on my monitor anyways.) I either have to set my filter to place a gap at the bottom of the screen, or the overlay can actually occlude part of the display (when working with overscan or RTG screens.)

None of these are earth shaking or game breaking. Just minor little visual effects that I though would be nice to have. I'd much rather you spent most of your time working on getting everything else working perfectly, but maybe when you need to take a step back & work on something less important for a bit, you can look at these
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