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New icon.library 46.4.227. More chipmem remains free when FBlit is dected.
Added a modified version of Stephan Rupprecht's CopyIcon to the programs. This makes it possible under WB 3.1 to copy only the images from any type of source icon (old, new, glow, png or os4) to one or more destinations without changing the tooltypes. Please, report any problems with CopyIcon here and send no emails to Stephan, because I am responsible for this WB 3.1 hack.

I'd imagine PNG icons are quite slow though on standard Amigas, but it is a nice option to have all icons displaying correctly.
Indeed, PNG icons are still very slow because atm they are decoded twice for each image by the png.datatype. Maybe, one day I will write a faster internal png decoder like that one which comes with the PowerIcons program from Elena Novaretti, but I can't say when this could happen.

Anyhow, you can gain much more speed from png icons by simply converting them into the OS 3.5 format with snapshot. That's all you need to do. Btw, don't use any filters for scaling with WinUAE if you want speed, just set the filter to "none".

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